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WinsterCreations™ Influencer Program

Monetize your content with the WinsterCreations™ Influencer Program

As a WinsterCreations™ Influencer, we give you the tools you need to pick the best WinsterCreations™ products, easily recommend them to your followers, and earn a 15% commission on the purchases your followers make at our website. We'll even throw-in a 15% discount code to use in your livestreams, shoppable photos and videos to help you engage our products with your followers.

Optionally -you can take things a step further and inspire customers to shop thousands of exclusive WinsterCreations™ products by launching your very own branded and fully managed Shopify store for FREE (for a limited time only) complete with real-time sync to the full WinsterCreations™ catalog. You'll be able to promote your own brand and send followers directly to your very own store, earning a 25% commission on every sale* you make.

As a selected member of the program, you'll also be invited to become a WinsterCreations™ brand-rep which qualifies you to receive monthly freebies to help you promote our products further and sneek-peek early access to the latest products as soon as they're available. Our tools make it easier than ever to engage with the WinsterCreations™ brand and monetize your content.

Frequently asked questions?

What is a WinsterCreations™ Influencer?
As a member of the WinsterCreations™ Influencer Program, you are a content creator who provides recommendations to inspire your audience via social media.

How can I monetize my content?
There are multiple ways you can earn. You can monetize your social media content by requesting free samples of our products and then curating engaging content to share with your followers. We may also surface the content you have posted via our own social media channels (with full credit provided to you), allowing you to grow your followers and earn from new customers.

How do I qualify for this program?
We are currently only accepting applications Instagram influencers with at least 5000+ followers. When reviewing your application, we look at the number of followers you have in addition to other engagement metrics.

Note: Having 5000+ followers does not guarantee that you'll be accepted for our program.

How much will I earn?
You can start earning commission when your followers make purchases on our website using your 15% Unique Discount Code (UDC) and you'll earn a 15% commission (paid monthly) for every sale in which your discount code is used. If you choose to launch a fully Managed Branded Shopify Store you'll earn a 25% commission (paid monthly) *after the first £50.00, and for every sale your store makes thereafter.

What is a Managed Branded Shopify Store?
With our expert help you can choose to launch your very own branded and full managed Shopify store with no upfront cost (for a limited time only). You choose the brand-name and we'll pay for the store including your domain-name, provide all of the setup and launch your store completely free of charge. We'll handle all of the payments, taxes and order fulfillment ourselves and cover all of the costs. This includes all of the ongoing costs including both monthly subscriptions and transaction fees too!

How much control and responsibility will I have for my store?
You'll have full creative control over the design and theme of your store and we'll work with you to make it your own. We'll connect your store with our live catalog feed and populate it with all of our products, categories, legal blurb and everything it needs to trade legally. You'll be able to agree an official launch-date with us allowing you to begin a pre-promotion for your big-launch-day on social media. You'll even have a back-end staff access login so that you view your sales reports and all of your orders enabling you the ability to assist your own customers directly.

Apply today and start creating content!

To apply for this program you'll need to first decide which products you'd like to promote. Browse our store for the products you really love and add up to £30.00 worth of products to your basket.

TIP! Choosing products from our Recommended Collections greatly increases your chances of being accepted.

Once you're ready to start your application click the Influencer widget (shown in the sidebar) and follow the instructions within to complete and submit your application for review. If successful, we'll be in touch very soon.

And don't worry, there's nothing to pay. If accepted, you'll receive these products free of charge to get you started and be eligble for more freebies every month.

Example below showing the Influencer widget. When you see this, click the five-dots to launch the app.

NOTE! If you can't see the Influencer widget, it's probably because you're browsing our website from within the Instagram app. Switch to Safari, Google Chrome or whatever browser you normally use and then come back to this page to be able to access the widget.